Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Jennifer M Eaton Guest Post: If you could choose, what super power would you pick?

So I know I haven't been blogging much, and that I've pretty much disappeared from social media in general. If anyone's noticed, it's because I'm currently on board an alien spaceship and we're plotting the best way to take over Earth (only not really.) I'd like to thank Jennifer, who is currently promoting her YA (aimed at people like ME woooo) The First Day of New Tomorrow, for rolling in here to discuss superpowers and stuff (it seems my codename for her, SUPER EATON, was actually verrrrry accurate. My superpower is telling the future.)


When I set out to write “The First Day of the New Tomorrow” I knew it was going to be a superhero story. But that was about it.

I decided to start off with a girl not unlike myself as a kid. I think I was pretty normal… not really happy with my looks, wished I was better in sports, etc. I modeled my character after what I considered the lowest of the low in a teenager’s self-esteem. (I think it’s a place everyone hits at one time during their

Anyway… Then I got to the the fun stuff. Since it was my story, I got to PICK what super power to give myself. Hey, good deal, huh?

I went down the list… Flight? Nah. That’s been over-done. Most of the Super Friends can do that. It just wasn’t interesting.

Invulnerability? Hmm. That could be fun. But I didn’t want this to be a Super-Girl knock-off.

Super Strength? Nah, same problem as above.

Then I remembered… It’s MY STORY. Why limit myself?

So I went for the big tamale… omnipotence. Well, almost omnipotence. There has to be rules for
everything, right?

And there’s also consequences. But that’s not the fun part, so let’s push that aside for a second.

Imagine yourself in high school, and one day you wake up, and your every thought becomes a reality.

Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, Maya thinks so, too. Until things begin to go very wrong.

It’s not easy to control your thoughts, is it? Ever been angry at someone? It can get pretty ugly, can’t it?

Maya finds out that omnipotent power can be as much a curse as it is a blessing, and not all things can
be undone.

That kind of makes super powers not sound so super, doesn’t it?

So what do you think you would do? If you could have any power imaginable, what super power would you pick, and maybe more importantly—What would you do with it?



Jennifer M. Eaton is a contemporary blender of Science Fiction, Dystopian, and Romance. Her
work ranges from the sweet contemporary romances of Paper Wishes, to the dystopian society of
Last Winter Red and Optimal Red, with a dusting of young adult paranormal just for fun in The
First Day of the New Tomorrow.

While not off visiting other worlds, Jennifer calls the East Coast of the USA home, where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband, three energetic boys, and a pepped up poodle.

Full time team leader, full time mom, and full time novelist... what more can you ask for?

Writing help did you say? Well, sure! Jennifer hosts an informational blog aimed at helping
all writers be the best they can be. Stop on by and chat. She loves to hear from fans! http://www.jennifermeaton.com/


Her contemporary sweet romance, Paper Wishes is currently available in ebook format. The Dystopian
novelette “Last Winter Red” is available as part of the “Make Believe” Anthology. Each title is available
from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com and Smashwords.

Paper Wishes: Jill has no idea what she wants for Christmas, but when it looks like her best friend Jack
is going to get exactly what he asks for, Jill makes a Christmas wish that will change both of their lives

Last Winter Red: In search of a husband, Emily leaves the safety of the city and risks her life stepping
into the outside world. What she finds there will question the foundations of everything she believes in.

Available as part of the Make Believe anthology.

The First Day of the New Tomorrow: Maya dreams of having everything she wants, but when she gets it,
she can’t give it back fast enough. (Coming in September, 2013 from Muse It Up)

Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-M.-Eaton/e/B00BEP9L1E/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&qid=1375545914&sr=8-4&tag=jennifermeato-20

 Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/jennifer-m.-eaton

Muse It up: https://museituppublishing.com/bookstore/index.php/young-adult/the-first-


  1. Sounds like a fun book! Yes, I've often thought it was a good thing I COULDN'T turn people into frogs with a thought. Not sure I'd handle that power responsibly. :) Thanks for the fun post - I'll check out your book!

    Ravena - good luck with the aliens. ;)

    1. I think those aliens are in trouble. Watch out for Ravena!

  2. Glad to know you're still somewhere in the universe, Ravena! I've been kind of in silent-running mode, myself. :)

    I always enjoy learning how other writers get their inspiration & develop their characters. Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing yours. :)

  3. Your book sounds really interesting! I think I'm going to have to check it out. I've had a thing for super hero books lately.